Refurbished Turntables for Sale

Update July 29th, 2021 —

More inventory that has yet to be photographed:

  • Technics SL-1300, fully automatic direct drive, great shape with dustcover and Shure cartridge. $425  Sold
  • Technics SL-Q2, semi-auto quartz-locked direct drive, great shape with dustcover and Shure cartridge. $325 Sold
  • Dual 1264 — fully automatic belt drive, nice shape with dustcover and Audio Technica cartridge. $225
  • Technics SL-B2, semi-auto belt drive, great shape with dustcover, ADC cartridge with brand new OEM stylus. $200
  • Technics SL-BD20, semi-auto belt drive, great shape with dustcover and Audio Technica cartridge. $125  Sold
  • BIC 980, fully-auto belt drive, nice condition (pretty wood base) NO dustcover, Audio Technica cartridge. $125 Sold
  • Lafayette T-4000, semi-auto CEC built belt drive, fine performer in beautiful shape, Shure cartridge. $200  Sold
  • Sony PS-5520, fully auto belt drive circa 1972, very pretty wood base, good dustcover, Shure cartridge with good used OEM stylus — $200  Sold
  • Technics SL-QD22, semi-auto quartz-locked direct drive, good shape with dustcover and Grado p-mount cartridge. $150  Sold

Obviously, the global pandemic has upended everything. I still have turntables for sale but I can’t really do auditions. If you’re in the market, shoot me an email at .

Buying a refurbished vintage turntable from the Turntable Doc means you get my Lifetime Labor Warranty. As long as my eyes work and I can hold tools, I will do all that is in my power to keep your turntable running. You only pay for any worn or damaged parts. This is a much better deal than buying an entry-level new turntable which is made from inexpensive materials and will only have a 1-year warranty. I stand behind my work.

Also note that any of these can have different cartridges or styli installed if you’d prefer a different brand and/or an upgrade. If I’m selling a turntable with a used OEM stylus, it’s because that particular stylus sounds noticeably better than any new options I have on hand.

One last note: I am not shipping any turntables that I have for sale. I’ve just had too much trouble with shipping services and turntables and it’s difficult to provide long distance warranty service.


Thorens TD-146 — $575 Sold

A real looker and performer. Thorens classic suspended decks are top notch players and always in demand. The 146 is belt drive with auto-stop. This one is sporting a brand new belt and upgraded output cables. Best of all, it came to me with an Ortofon OM-40 cartridge with a used stylus that still has plenty of life left. This was top of the line OM cartridge and sounds it. Stellar sonics. Plinth is in gorgeous shape. The dustcover has some wear, but still looks quite good. This is a killer deck.


Technics SL-1200 Mk5 — $495  Sold

One of the last iterations of the “classic” 1200s, the Mk5 is a fully featured DJ deck and (of course) an outstanding audio performer. This one is in immaculate shape and was never played out as a DJ deck. The tonearm bearings are perfect. This baby is stock and mint condition. Grab it while you can. No headshell or cartridge included at this price, but I’d be glad to set you up with one of the many options (new and used) that I have in stock. No dustcover.


Technics SL-1200 Mk2 — $395 Sold

The classic workhouse DJ turntable and an outstanding performer. This one has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets my (very high) standards as a performing deck. The tonearm bearings are perfect and the pitch components are working properly. A few dings along the front edge (visible in pic) but otherwise very nice condition. No dustcover. As above, sold without cartridge and headshell. I have many different cartridge options if interested.


Dual 1219 — $375 — Sold

The classic Dual high-end fully auto idler drive from the early ’70s. This one is in great condition with dustcover. Three speeds (these are killer decks for 78 playback). Fitted with an Empire 2600X cartridge and a brand new aftermarket stylus. Optional stacking spindle available.


Technics SL-B2 — $225 — Sold

Semi-auto belt drive from the late ’70s. Solid Technics build quality and sonic presentation. This one comes with a barely used Grado Blue2 cartridge ($125 new!). In immaculate condition with a beautiful dustcover.


Technics SL-QD33 — $195 — Sold

Fully-automated quartz-lock direct-drive Technics, circa late ’80s. These sometimes have issues with failed electrolytic capacitors in the auto-motor control circuit, but I’ve replaced all of them on this unit and it’s working perfectly. Comes mounted with a Technics P23 cartridge and a brand new aftermarket stylus. In great shape with dustcover.


Dual 1218 — $175 — Sold

Dual’s budget version of the 1219, circa early ’70s. Fully auto, 3 speed idler drive, this is a fine performer. Comes equipped with a Shure M91 cartridge and a brand new aftermarket stylus. This one is discounted somewhat as it has a plastic faux-wood base and no dustcover.


Technics SL-L26 — $75 — Sold

Fully-automated belt-drive linear tracker, circa early ’90s. Brand new tonearm belt and an Audio Technica p-mount cartridge with a used stylus that tests very well. This is a solid starter level unit. No dustcover. Please note I can’t offer a full warranty at this price, but I offer full refunds for a year if there are any problems.


Sony PS-LX250H – $60 — Sold

Fully-automatic Sony belt drive, circa early 2000s. This is a solid vinyl player with a switchable built-in preamp, handy for those in need of a simple setup. In good shape with dustcover. Please note I can’t offer a full warranty at this price, but I offer full refunds for a year if there are any problems.