Refurbished Turntables for Sale

Update August 11, 2022

Buying a refurbished vintage turntable from the Turntable Doc means you get my Lifetime Labor Warranty. As long as my eyes work and I can hold tools, I will do all that is in my power to keep your turntable running. You only pay for any worn or damaged parts. This is a much better deal than buying an entry-level new turntable which is made from inexpensive materials and will only have a 1-year warranty. I stand behind my work.

Also note that any of these can have different cartridges or styli installed if you’d prefer a different brand and/or an upgrade. If I’m selling a turntable with a used OEM stylus, it’s because that particular stylus sounds noticeably better than any new options I have on hand.

One last note: I am not shipping any turntables that I have for sale. I’ve just had too much trouble with shipping services and turntables and it’s difficult to provide long distance warranty service.

Technics SL-1400 — $450


Classic Technics direct drive from 1976! Semi-automatic with an excellent Shure cartridge and stylus, this one is amazingly clean give its age. Motor control board has been re-capped and the occasionally problematic AN630 IC has been swapped with an updated version. This one is good to go for many more years.

Pioneer PL-50A — $375


This is a handsome one. Gorgeous belt-drive semi-automatic Pioneer from the early 70s. REAL wood with beautiful finish and tone. Kept in practically new condition by the previous (original) owner. Comes with the original Pioneer cartridge with a solid replacement stylus. Sounds great and serious eye candy.

JVC Nivico SRP-471E-3 — $375


Okay, this is just a cool and very unusual turntable. Circa 1966 and very much the mid-century-modern vibe with beautiful real wood all around it. An idler+drive wheel system to reduce rumble (never seen this on any other turntable) and a magnetic brake for the pitch control (only seen this feature on the fancy Thorens units like the TD-124). Semi-auto with a switch option for fully manual. Comes with the original JVC cartridge and a brand new stylus. I spent a lot of time getting this to work as perfectly as possible. It’s an excellent performer. This is a throwback to the age when idler drives ruled the world and the Japanese manufacturers were swinging for the fences. It’s a choice piece! Here’s an AK thread where owners gush about this deck.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon — $350 with stock platter, $425 with Acryl-It upgrade platter


Spiffy gloss white manual belt-drive turntable. Sounds fabulous. The dustcover has some wear but the turntable is otherwise on gorgeous shape. This is a $600 deck new ($740 with the option platter upgrade). Comes with original box.

Pioneer PL-115D — $275


Excellent semi-auto belt drive from 1976. Nice shape with some very slight vinyl peeling on the lower edges. AT cartridge with a new stylus. Dead on pitch and a great perfomer. 

Sony PS-LX510 — $250


Quartz-locked, fully automatic direct drive linear tracker from the early ’80s.  This sucker is seriously accurate in terms of presentation. New control arm belt. Audio Technica cartridge in great shape (I have several excellent p-mount upgrade options as well). 

Dual 1257 — $225 Sold


Fully automatic belt drive, nice shape with dustcover, itegrated Ortofon cartridge. Comes with both manal and stacking spindles.

Dual 1209 — $225


Classic Dual fully-automatic idler drive from the early ’70s. These fly under the radar as their bigger brothers the 1219 and 1229 are more plentiful, but a solid performer in its own right. This one comes with a Shure cartrdge, bit no dustcover. 78 RPM cartridge/stylus options available.

Audio Technica LP-60BK — $95


You gotta hand it to AT for the design on these. Yeah, it’s an inexpensive plastic deck. But it’s a pretty bulletproof fully auto belt-driven mechanism. Comes with a built-in optional preamp so you can plug it into virtually any system. Excellent condition, comes with original box. 

Ion TTUSB10 — $75


Okay, this one is not vintage. But it does work well and comes with a built-in phono preamp so simple to hook into other gear. In like new condition. No warranty on this, but if there are any unfixable issues within a year of purchase, I’ll refund the cost.

Crosley Stack-o-matic — $60


New belt and new stylus. No warranty on this, but if there are any unfixable issues within a year of purchase, I’ll refund the cost.