Service Prices for 2023

Bench/Diagnostic fee $30
(or $0)
Diagnostic evaluations are $30. If you decide to proceed with a repair,
the fee is waived. If you decide to not proceed with repair, you can donate
the turntable for parts (if the turntable has value as a parts unit)
and the fee is waived.
Parts pricing (includes installation) 
New platter belt installed (includes pitch calibration)$50 – 70
New tonearm drive belt (linear trackers) installed$50 – 70
New stylus (common aftermarket replacements) installed$30 – 60
New genuine manufacturer’s stylus installed$50 & up
New standard headshell (Technics, SME, etc), includes cartridge mounting, installation, alignment, balance. $40

Cartridges — price includes installation and alignment

New budget cartridge/stylus Audio Technica CN5625AL conical
or AT92ECD elliptical p-mount installed
New mid-grade elliptical cartridge/stylus Ortofon Omega installed$60
New mid-grade elliptical cartridge/stylus Audio Technica AT95e installed$75
New old stock premium elliptical cartridge/stylus Audio Technica AT112EP (1/2″ or p-mount) installed$90
New mid-grade elliptical cartridge/stylus (1/2″ or p-mount) Grado Prestige Black3 installed$99
New premium elliptical cartridge/stylus (1/2″ or p-mount) Grado Prestige Blue3 installed$160
New audiophile elliptical cartridge/stylus (1/2″ or p-mount) Grado Prestige Silver3 installed$240
New audiophile elliptical cartridge/stylus Denon DL-110 high output
moving coil — outstanding sound! installed
Labor charges for single play turntables
(includes parts where appropriate)
Mount and align new or used cartridge of your choice (price varies by tonearm type)$40 – 50
Auto-start/return simple adjustments$40 – 70
Auto-start/return repair, complex adjustments$60 – $120
Repair/replace hard-wired RCA cables or plugs$60 – 70
RCA cable replacement for Technics SL-1200 MK2
(includes internal grounding if requested)
Simple speed adjustment (runs consistently slow or fast)$30 – 40
Clean speed controls (inconsistent speed)$50 – 70
Labor charges for complete changer service
Dual 10xx and 12xx (includes steuerpimpel replacement and 1219/1229 o-ring replacement if needed)$130
BSR (found in many all-in-one stereo units from the ’70s)$100
Garrard (almost always requires rebuilt idler wheel). I’m picky about which ones I’m willing to take on. (British engineering!)$150
Others (GE, RCA, Voice of Music, Magnavox, Motorola, Columbia, etc).
Note that I am very selective about repairing these. If the changer has signs of excessive use or poor storage conditions, I can’t perform a repair. Apologies.
$125 – $200

Virtually all changers/stackers are 40 or more years old. Almost all suffer from hardened grease, making them non-operational or semi-operational. Many mechanisms are still solid and can be refurbished if they weren’t manhandled or stored in harsh environments. Missing, broken or worn out parts (stylus, cartridge, idler wheel, etc) will cost extra. E-mail me at for more info