Service Prices for Summer 2017

Bench/Diagnostic fee  $25 (or $0)
Diagnostic evaluations are $25. If you decide to proceed with a repair, the fee is waived. If you decide to not proceed with repair, you can donate the turntable for parts (if the turntable has value as a parts unit) and the fee is waived.
Parts pricing (includes installation)
New platter belt installed $40
New tonearm drive belt (linear trackers) installed $50
New stylus (common generic replacements) installed $20 – $40
New genuine manufacturer’s stylus installed $35 and up
New standard headshell (Technics, SME, etc), includes cartridge mounting, installation, alignment, balance.  $35
Budget cartridge/stylus (p-mount or 1/2″ — new Audio Technica CN5625AL conical or AT92E elliptical) installed and aligned $40
New mid-grade cartridge/stylus (Ortofon Omega) installed and aligned $55
New mid-grade cartridge/stylus (Audio Technica AT95e) installed and aligned $60
New premium cartridge/stylus (Stanton 680e.v3 – ½” mount) installed and aligned $95
New audiophile cartridge/stylus (Denon DL-110 high output moving coil — outstanding sound!) installed and aligned $250
New Grado Prestige Black1 installed and aligned $75
New Grado Prestige Blue1 installed and aligned $125
New Grado Prestige Silver1 installed and aligned $225
Labor charges for single play turntables (includes parts where appropriate)
Mount and align new or used cartridge of your choice $30
Auto-start/return simple adjustments $30 – $60
Auto-start/return repair, complex adjustments $60 – $120
Repair/replace hard-wired RCA cables or plugs $45
RCA cable replacement for Technics SL-1200 MK2 (includes internal grounding) $50
Simple speed adjustment (runs consistently slow or fast) $30
Clean speed controls (inconsistent speed) $45
Labor charges for complete changer service
Dual 10xx and 12xx (includes steuerpimpel replacement if needed) $80
BSR (found in many all-in-one stereo units from the ’70s) $70
Garrard (many will need new idler wheels, if so add $20) $80
Others (GE, RCA, Voice of Music, Magnavox, Motorola, Columbia, etc) $75 – 100

Virtually all changers/stackers are 35 or more years old. Almost all suffer from hardened grease, making them non-operational or semi-operational. Most mechanisms are still solid and can be refurbished if they weren’t manhandled. I can get them working good as new (or very close) in most cases, and for a very reasonable price. Missing, broken or worn out parts (stylus, cartridge, idler wheel, etc) will cost extra. E-mail me at for more info