Other vintage gear for sale

I can’t offer the same labor warranty like I can on turntables, but I will guarantee functionality. I’ll refund your money if there are any problems. Please note I do not ship. Jump to Cassette Decks ,CD Players, Speakers

Receivers and Integrated Amplifiers


Dayton Audio HTA100BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier — $200

I’m a reseller for Parts Express. These are a great value and will take EVERYTHING as a source! Phono, Bluetooth, optical, USB, you name it. I can vouch for the sound quality — mine lives at my vacation home. 50 watts/channel can easily handle any bookshelf and even some 3-ways. And it looks cool. Brand new in box with manufacturer’s warranty.


Technics SA-202 — $200  Sold

Another one from 1980. Faux woodgrain, but still looks pretty. Very warm and smooth sonically. 32 watts/channel should have no problems with most bookshelf/2-way speakers.

IMG_20191122_162440 - Edited

Pioneer SX-3400 — $175   Sold

A late ’70s entry level (15 watts) unit from the end of Pioneer’s classic era. Much like the Marantz listed above, this is an excellent sounding receiver which will power most bookshelf speakers with ease.


 Sony STR-V25 — $125

25 watt/channel Sony receiver circa 1979-80. Solid build quality. This unit has brand new output transitors. Some cosmetic wear on the control buttons and knobs.


Denon DRA-350 — $125

Silverface Denon from 1984. 36 watts/channel, typical solid Denon build quality and musicality.


Onkyo TX-910 — $125

Solid 45 watts/channel receiver circa 1993. Onkyo never had a period where their quality slipped, and this receiver is an example of that consistency. With remote.


Onkyo TX-8211 — $125

Solid 50 watts/channel receiver made from 1997 to 2006. The engineers at Onkyo were smart enough to leave phono stages in the stereo receivers during the peak of the CD era. With remote.

Tape Decks


Sony TC-250 — $125

Solid no-frills Sony unit from the late ’60s. Plays 3 3/4″ and 7 1/2″ ips tapes.


Technics RS-TR212 — $100 — Sale pending

Excellent, fully functional dual cassette deck from 1991. Dobly B and C. I have calibrated the pitch on both decks so that they’re spot on.

CD Players


Sony CDP-CX300 — $125   Sold

Sony MegaStorage unit with 300 disc capacity, new belts and a remote. Keyboard input, optical digital output for feeding into a DAC.


Cerwin Vega D-3 — $425    Sold

CV’s niche was speakers designed for pumping rock music. Huge sound. These 3-way D-3s are a classic example. Woofers have been refoamed and cabinets and grilles are in nice shape (the grills are a bit dusty but should clean up).


PXL_20221113_204645405 (1)

Infinity RS-5b — $395

Classic 3-way Infinitys. These were $700/pair in the mid-80s. Clear and punchy. Woofers have had the surrounds replaced. Some minor chipping on the baffling and small holes on the grilles, but otherwise in very nice shape. I hesitate to point this out because I’d like them to stay intact, but the parts are worth more in the resale market than what I’m asking for them here.


Paradigm 11se Mk 1 — $350

Reference quality 3-way monitors from Paradigm. Their top of the line speaker at that time. Clear and detailed with plenty of bass. Speaker stands included.


Coral BX-1201 — $200

6 (!) way speakers featuring a powerful 12″ woofer. Gorgeous cabinets with 2-way grill inserts (plain cloth or lattice). You will want some serious power for these guys.


Bose 301 Series II — $175   Sold

Classic direct reflecting design in beige and woodgrain. These typically sell for more than what I’m asking, but these are missing the nameplate grills and have some minor wear. They still sound excellent!


Bose 301 Series IV — $175

These are in “almost new” condition and sound wonderful.


Acoustic Research TSW-110 — $125    Sold

Excellent AR speakers from 1987. 6.5″ woofer, titanium tweeter, real wood top and base. Great lookers and great sound.


Infinity Primus 150 — $100

Excellent 5 1/4″ + tweeter 2-way bookshelf speakers that punch way beyond their price and footprint. In piano black.  See glowing review here. 


Dayton Audio B652-Air — $60

I’m a reseller for Parts Express. These are the best value in bookshelf speakers that has ever existed. Sold build, clear sound (silky tweeter) and super affordable. I have sold dozens of pairs of these and everyone has been impressed. New in box with wires and manufacturer’s warranty.