Other vintage gear for sale

I can’t offer the same labor warranty like I can on turntables, but I will guarantee functionality. I’ll refund your money if there are any problems. Jump to Cassette Decks ,CD Players, Full Systems



Pioneer SX-727 — $375 Sold

This is a gorgeous, classic and super-sweet sounding receiver from Pioneer’s golden era of the early ’70s. 37 watts per channel of gloriously full warmth in a real wood case. This is a classy looker and an outstanding performer.

IMG_20191122_161908 - Edited

Marantz 2215B — $300 — Sold

Marantz receivers from their classic era deserve the glowing reputations that they enjoy. This is one of their lower powered (conservatively rated 15 watts) gems. Your not going to want to push giant floor-standing 3-way cabinets with these, but any quality bookshelf speaker will sound glorious with this unit. The controls have been cleaned, lights updated with LEDs. It’s working perfectly and sounds very sweet.

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Pioneer SX-3400 — $175

A late ’70s entry level (15 watts) unit from the end of Pioneer’s classic era. Much like the Marantz listed above, this is an excellent sounding receiver which will power most bookshelf speakers with ease.


Sony STR-313 — $150 Sold

A 25 watts-per-channel late ’70s Sony silver face unit. Very clean and nice-sounding unit with a slightly smaller footprint (16 inches wide) than most other classic receivers from this era. Can easily power most bookshelf speakers.


Yamaha R-30 — $95 Sold

Nice and clean slimline 25 watts/channel receiver, circa 1983. Typical Yamaha build quality. A fine budget-minded starter receiver.


Akai AM-A102 — $80 — Sold

Basic 25 watts/channel integrated amp (no radio tuner) from the late ’80s. Built-in EQ. Clean and working well.

Cassette Decks


Kenwood KX-830 — $150 Sold

Classy Kenwood cassette deck from 1978. Dolby B unit with nice big VU meters. Working and sounding very well.


Pioneer CT-W403R — $90 Sold

Nice dual-cassette model from the late ’80s. Dolby B/C/HX Pro and plenty of auto-feature bells and whistles.


Technics RS-B12 — $60 Sold

Silver-faced Technics unit from 1984. Brand new capstan drive belt installed. Dolby B.


Yamaha K-340 — $50 Sold

Solid Yamaha quality cassette deck, Dolby B, C and HX Pro.

CD Players


Sony CDP-M555ES — $200  Sold

A 400-disc Sony ES edition CD jukebox with a deluxe remote and new belts! Large enough capacity to fit an entire collection (or optionally you can chain it with other units for even more). Reads CD text discs and/or you can input disc names and search your collection via the remote. Has optical digital output for feeding into a DAC. The last CD player you’ll ever need, and with fresh belts for years of trouble-free operation.


Sony CDP-CX300 — $125

Another Sony MegaStorage unit, this one with 300 disc capacity, new belts and a remote. Keyboard input, optical digital output for feeding into a DAC.

Full Systems

Sony LBT-D105 — $195   Sold

Do you want to party like it’s 1995? This is a full stereo setup — turntable, dual cassette, tuner, amplifier, speakers, with remote, I’m even throwing in the matching carousel 5-disc CD player. The belts on the cassette deck have been replaced and it’s all in excellent functional condition.

Zenith mid-70s console with turntable, tuner and 8-track player — $100 Sold


This was donated to me as a fixer-upper and it’s ready to go to a good home. New idler, new stylus, new belt for the 8-track player. Controls cleaned. It’s not a huge unit by console standards — 40″W x 18″D X 26″H — but has solid bass for its size. The 8-track tape inputs are external (on the back of the unit) meaning you could feed some other aux input (like a bluetooth reciever) into it if you wanted to. I’m selling it at a very resonable price (most console repairs cost more than this whole unit!) because I need the space more than I need the money. I’ll even throw in some complimentary 8-tracks if you want ’em. No warranty on this unit, but if there are any unfixable issues within a year of purchase, I’ll refund the cost.