Console repairs

I’m not able to take any console repairs in my shop at present. I’m very sorry — I wish this was not the case.

There is a gentleman named Jerry Saunders who works for Lee Hartman and Sons in Roanoke, VA who works on some of these old units. You might try contacting him.  Never mind: Another repairman gone. 

If your console works fine except for the turntable component, I may be able to work on the turntable if you can remove it from the console and bring it to me. Shoot me an email with a picture of the record player and a description of the symptoms. If it’s something I can take on, I’ll send you instructions on how to remove the changer. It requires a few common tools, but it’s not a difficult operation.

Please keep in mind that repairs for console turntables are a “best effort” service. Some of the mechanisms are quite complex. I try to get them 100% functional, but often poor storage or excessive use makes that difficult.