Console repairs

Note for 2019 — Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m not able to take any console repairs in my shop at present. I’m very sorry — I wish this was not the case. I also wish there was someone else I could recommend, but there’s not — I was apparently the only person in this neck of the woods crazy enough to try to service these units.

That said, all is not lost! If your console works fine except for the turntable component, I may be able to work on the turntable if you can remove it from the console and bring it to me. Shoot me an email with a picture of the record player and a description of the symptoms. If it’s something I can take on, I’ll send you instructions on how to remove the changer. It requires a few common tools, but it’s not a difficult operation.

I’m hoping that I can offer full console services in the future. It remains to be seen. Again, I’m truly sorry.