Refurbished Turntables for Sale

Updated 04/07/2019 — Obviously a LOT of stuff has been sold recently. But there’s always more in the pipeline. Please keep checking back — there’s about a half dozen units that I haven’t had a chance to put on the website. Or email me if you’re in the market and would like more info.

Buying a refurbished vintage turntable from the Turntable Doc means you get my Lifetime Labor Warranty. As long as my eyes work and I can hold tools, I will do all that is in my power to keep your turntable running. You only pay for any worn or damaged parts. This is a much better deal than buying an entry-level new turntable which is made from inexpensive materials and will only have a 1-year warranty. I stand behind my work.

Also note that any of these can have different cartridges or styli installed if you’d prefer a different brand and/or an upgrade. Let me know what you’d like.

One last note: I am not shipping any turntables that I have for sale. I’ve just had too much trouble with shipping services and turntables and it’s difficult to provide long distance warranty service.

Shoot me an e-mail at to set up an audition or a purchase.


Denon DP-60L — $525  (sold)

Classy! Gorgeous player and an outstanding performer, the Denon DP-60L is the real deal. Quartz-locked direct drive with auto-stoplift. This one is in beautiful condition with some very minor marks on the drive unit. Also comes with the shipping box and a larger optional counterweight. Equipped with an Audio Technica cartridge and a brand new aftermarket stylus, easily upgraded if you want something fancier. I expect this one will generate some interest, so don’t hesitate to check it out.


Bang and Olufsen RX2 — $300  (sold)

Love the minimalist Danish styling of this baby. It’s a great performer, too — fully automatic belt drive with an excellent MMC4 cartridge that was recently rebuilt (in Denmark!) and equipped with a brand new diamond tip. Very nice shape cosmetically.


Dual 1212 — $200 (sold)

This was considered an entry-level Dual back in the late ’60s, still a very solid performer. Three speed idler drive, fully automatic, comes with your choice of a single play spindle or an automatic stacker. Equipped with a fabulous sounding Grado cartridge and stylus (I have 78 styli for this cartridge if interested). This unit looks practically new. Includes the original “bubble” set-on dustcover in awesome shape and the owner’s manual. Great vintage piece!


Phillips 312 — $175 (sold)

The Phillips 312 is a remarkable performer and probably the best bang-for-buck value in a vintage belt drive deck that you could find. Lovely real wood base makes it a classy looker too. This one is functionally a manual deck. The one caveat with this player is you need a solid platform as the suspension is quite light and springy. Comes equipped with an excellent Audio Technica cartridge and stylus.  Dustcover is in good shape. This one really sings.


Technics SL-QD33 — $150 (sold)

Later model Technics fully automatic quartz-locked direct drive turntable.  The QD33s are known to have issues with the electronics and the mechanisms, but this unit has been fully re-capped and restored and should provide years of trouble-free service. Comes with a p-mount Shure Pro Track 10 cartridge and an excellent stabilizer brush-mounted OEM stylus. This deck is a solid performer. The dustcover is a bit dinged up but the turntable is otherwise in great shape.


Pioneer PL-400 — $140 (sold)

Very solid quartz-locked direct drive fully-automatic Pioneer from 1979. Comes with an Audio Technica cartridge and a brand new aftermarket stylus. Has a standard headshell mount so great for trying/swapping with other cartridges. Dustcover has a few marks but is otherwise in good shape.


Sony PS-LX310 — $125

Great semi-auto quartz-locked direct drive. Very reliable performer in very good shape with a nice dustcover. Comes with a Shure M92 p-mount cartridge with a brand new aftermarket stylus.


BSR McDonald 2510X — $120 Sold

BSR made millions of changer units for consoles, all-in-ones, and component players like this one. While these models were never considered high end hi-fi units, they are remarkably designed for durability and are practically indestructible. This one has been thoroughly cleaned and lubed to provide decades of reliable operation. The 2510X is one of the better sounding BSR changers due to having a large metal platter, a nice tonearm and a quality ADC cartridge. This one comes with a brand new stylus and a 45 stacking adapter. If you like playing 45s, this is the unit you want (although it does great with LPs and 78s too). In great shape with dust cover.


JVC QL-A2 — $100 Sold

This is an outstanding quartz-locked semi-automatic deck that is being heavily discounted as it comes without a dustcover. Comes with a Shure M97 cartridge and a brand new aftermarket stylus. Other than the missing dustcover, it’s in fantastic shape and is a top-notch performer.


Technics SL-23 — $130 (sold)

Another great performer. Classic mid-70s Technics semi-auto belt drive. Comes equipped with a Shure stylus and a brand new aftermarket headshell.


Panasonic MCS 2000 — $100 (sold)

MCS was JC Penny’s house brand for stereo gear. This is really a Technics SL-20 manual belt drive deck with a black base instead of the usual silver. This unit performs far better than its price would indicate. In great shape with an Audio Technica cartridge with a brand new aftermarket stylus. Discounted as it comes without a dustcover.